Breast Cancer Care Alliance Highlights Women in IT Support Careers

As a breast cancer survivor, I’m involved pretty heavily with activism for cancer care. I had the opportunity to do a free course at a community centre on the topic of women in technology that was hosted by the Breast Cancer Care Alliance, focusing on getting cancer survivors and young women alike into new careers.

Women are getting more and more involved in the tech industry as time goes on. In most western countries, more women are graduating university than men, and this means that you’ll begin to hear more female voices in technology. Tech has been a traditionally male-dominated industry, but I personally know a lot of women who are involved in some aspect of the industry, whether they’re IT support specialists or innovators at start-ups.

Personally, I’ve never been able to wrap my head around it. I know enough to run my own server for my blog, and that’s about it. Still, having the knowledge to run and maintain my own dedicated server puts me miles above even my father, who was a capably tradesman in his own right—but he is better with cars and plumbing and less so with computers.

I had the opportunity to get in touch with Michael from IE Systems about this topic, and he had some interesting things to say about women in information technology support, “Yes, I’m seeing a lot of women come into the industry, and I have plenty of female colleagues. I care more about how good you are at solving problems, and not so much your gender.”

Michael and his colleagues are based out of Washington State in the United States. You say Washington State to distinguish it from the much more famous Washington DC on the other side of the country, “We handle a lot of tech problems for big and small businesses in the area. Since almost every industry depends on computers to do some aspect of their work, our services are always in high demand.” Like thousands of other IT support companies in the United States, Australia, and other companies, they provide data protection, cloud services, communications support, customized software, managed IT, software management, technology training, and more.

I find the logistics of information technology highly interesting, even if I don’t understand every few words coming out of Michael’s mouth. The amount of effort that goes into supporting a large company’s tech department blows my mind. You have to consider that “tech” really means everything from cameras to large-scale servers. In order to keep everything running properly, you have to have people dedicated to solving problems around-the-clock, and that can get expensive if you don’t go with a good company.

If anyone out there works in any related industries or you have anecdotes about the way your business works with computers, I’d love for you to reach out to me by E-mail so I can feature what you have to say in an upcoming blog post. I recently made a post about green technology, and I’d like to learn a little bit more about technology across the board this year. Yet another New Year’s resolution!

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